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Adding your products & services to build proposals
Adding your products & services to build proposals

A guide on adding your products and services into your account, to build a proposal with when sharing a report

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Insites makes it easy to build a proposal for products & services, which you can include in the shared audits. But before you can create a proposal, you need to set up your products and services and ensure it’s enabled.

To do this you’ll want to head to your account settings, then go to collateral and toggle on the proposal option. Select the proposal and product services option and then fill in the details, for example, if you sell a Facebook ads service, fill in the name of the product, and the description of the service and give it a category if need be and you can add an additional link for more product information.

You can apply sales tax, add terms and even link your products, so that if you add one from the linked group then they will all be added to the proposal.

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