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API introduction

Start your journey with the Insites API here

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API introduction

Our suite of APIs allows you to integrate Insites’s analysis into your own applications:

  • Our RESTful API endpoints let you automate & integrate all the great things users can do in Insites - like running audits, adding users and sharing reports

  • Our Webhook API lets you get notified whenever an audit is generated, so you can pull the data into your CRM or data warehouse

  • Our link API makes it easy to embed Insites in your existing applications and have users trigger audits without needing to copy data over manually

We’re always growing our suite of APIs. If you wish to accomplish something which doesn’t currently have a documented API, please contact your Insites account manager.

REST API Authentication

Before using our REST API, you should read and understand how to authenticate with the Insites API.

The Insites REST API is designed for server-side usage only. Never share your API keys or expose them client-side as part of a front-end application!

Quick links for common use-cases

Here are some quick links to the relevant documentation for common use-cases:

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