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Selecting Local Directories
Selecting Local Directories

Check whether a business exists in selected online directories

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Are your customers are getting found by listing in the local directories? Insites can check whether a business exists in selected online directories, such as Yelp or Google Maps.

Some directories are only found in specific countries, and will only be available if you are located in that country. Insites doesn’t enable all directories by default, as extra directories can significantly impact the speed of testing. You should bear this in mind before enabling more directories.

Supported directories

Google Maps
Bing maps
Eir Phonebook

Note: ‘global’ directories may not be available in every country in the world, depending on the directory.

Existing Uberall customers

If you are an existing Uberall customer, you can enable this within Insites instead. Please visit the following page on Uberall integration for more information.

How to change your directories

This is only available to our Enterprise customers at the moment. To request a change to your directories, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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