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How to generate an audit
How to generate an audit

Generate a digital marketing audit for any business in under 90 seconds

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Finding a business

Finding a business to audit couldn’t be simpler, on your Insites dashboard simply type a business name, URL or the industry sector and location and our search tool (that’s powered by Google Maps) will present all of the businesses found under those details for you. Here's some examples of the kinds of things you could search for:

Sometimes you need to test a business that isn't listed in Google Maps. Not to worry! You can still run a report on it by selecting add business manually, which will be the very last option at the end of all of the results. (See example below)

Contact details

When you analyse a business, we will always try to find relevant contact information for the business based on the information you input into the search bar. If this information isn’t available it’s important that you fill in the up-to-date contact information as this what we use to find the business's listings on Google My Business and other online directories. Inaccurate information may skew the results of the audit.

Industry sector and location

If you are looking for a wide selection of businesses in a particular area, you can perform a general search. For example, “plumbers in Derby”, then Insites will search Google Maps using that term.

When adding a business via this method, the information we present is based on data found in Google Maps as mentioned above. If the information is not correct, it’s likely that the business has inconsistent business listings as we only present the information found here.

Generating an audit for an SMB

Once you are satisfied that the business is the one you want to test, simply click on the Analyse business button. Insites will analyse the site and a progress bar will be displayed whilst the report is loading. This usually takes between 60 to 90 seconds but can vary based on the complexity of the website being tested and the options selected in your account.

When Insites has finished analysing the site, a score will be generated and displayed next to the business name. This is the site’s overall score, out of 100. For a more detailed explanation of the score, please take a look at our page on the score.

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