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Understanding the Overview tab of an audit
Understanding the Overview tab of an audit

How to interpret the Overview tab of an Insites digital marketing audit

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Gain customers' trust by better understanding and interpreting the overview tab of an audit.

Once Insites has tested a site, the first screen you will see when opening the report is the overview screen. This information is useful when presenting to clients, as this view gives a visual summary of how the site performed against the tests Insites ran.

On the overview screen, you’ll see an overall score and a score for each section. The overall score is a weighted average of all of the tests enabled in the account, and by clicking on it you’ll find a breakdown of the overall score, showing what score each test achieved vs how many points are attainable for said test.

The overview is broken down into several sections, which can be customised by an administrator, and shows the results along with a visual indication of whether this result is good, bad or for information only.

Your Insites report will almost certainly look different to the picture above. Don't worry! This is because Insites is highly customisable - you can pick exactly what you want to show to your clients & map the audit to the products you sell.

Hiding elements

If there's something in the audit you don't want to discuss with your client, just hover over it and hit the X. You can hide individual checkpoints or entire sections.

This is great when you think something is going to derail the sales conversation.

Getting more information

Clicking on each section will take you to the details behind that particular check, where a huge amount of additional information about that particular result can be found.

To find out more, see our help article on the detail tab of the audit.

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