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Customising the overview
Customising the overview

A guide on how to customise your overview

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By default, Insites categorises each test under a relevant section – i.e. Facebook and Twitter being under Social, Google Ads and Paid keywords under Paid Search. However, you can customise the overview screen to display the test results in a way that works best for you.

You can even create your own sections containing the tests of your choosing, using Insites’s Overview layout editor.

  1. Select Account settings from the profile picture next to the all reports button

  2. In the top menu, select Analysis

  3. From the left menu, select Overview editor

  4. Move the tests by dragging the icon with three parallel horizontal lines

  5. Create your new section by selecting + Add new section, giving it a suitable name

  6. Tests that are not included will be under other once the report is generated

  7. When you are happy with the layout, select Save in the bottom right corner

  8. If you want to cancel any edits you have made, select Exit without saving instead (this will change from Exit whenever changes are made).

Removing tests or sections

To remove any unwanted tests or sections:

  1. Click the cog button on any of the sections and click Delete section

  2. Same with the tests, click the cog button and select Delete checkpoint

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