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Understanding the Detail tab of an audit
Understanding the Detail tab of an audit

Understand how to interpret the results in the Detail tab of an Insites audit

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Gain customers' trust by better understanding and interpreting the detail tab on an audit.

The detail screen expands on the information provided in the Overview tab of an Insites digital marketing audit, giving more detailed information on how the site has scored for each test.

Positive results, warnings and recommendations

Each test displays detailed information about the results found when Insites tested the site. Depending on the result, you’ll see either a green tick, a red cross or an amber exclamation on each test that highlights either positive results, warnings or recommendations.

The colour of the box determines whether the information is positive, a warning or a recommendation:

Positive result:


In some tests, Insites utilises third-party sources for the information and the results you see. These sources are cited and found at the bottom of the applicable tests, and include links to the providers’ websites where more information can be found. Not all tests use a third-party source, but it is important to understand where Insites sources its information in case a client has any questions about it.

Find out more about this check

On each section, there is a link called ’Find out more about this check’. Clicking or tapping this will reveal additional information about that particular test, including why we test for it, how we test for it and what you can do about it.

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