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Updating an existing audit
Updating an existing audit

How and when to create a new digital marketing audit

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Give your clients the freshest and most up to date results when auditing their sites by refreshing their existing audit.

When Insites analyses a website, it generates an audit that's a "snapshot in time". It’s important to understand that unless the audit was generated recently, the results may be outdated.

Generating a fresh audit

You can update the analysis by doing one of the following:

  • Click on the Update button when viewing the all reports page

  • Click Update below the screenshot when viewing a report

When Insites recommends a fresh audit

If you search for a business that you've audited within the last 7 days, you'll be taken to the existing audit. If you wish to update the results, you can manually request a fresh audit (see below).

If you search for a business you've audited more than 7 days a go, the default action changes to updating the audit before viewing it.

Enterprise clients may increase the number of days before the default action changes to "update". To do this, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Things to know before generating a fresh audit

Every time you generate an audit, this will count as another audit in your price plan. Depending on your price plan and allowances, additional charges may be incurred.

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