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Create a competitor audit
Create a competitor audit

A guide on how to a competitor to your reports

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For SMBs, knowing that their local rival is outperforming them in their digital marketing can be a huge driver to take action.

Insites allows you to compare the business you've audited to up to 3 local rivals and demonstrate to your prospect why they need your help.

Getting started

Adding a competitor

Once you have found a business and then analysed it, it’s very simple to add up to three additional competitors for comparison purposes. To add them click on the Competitors tab and then click on the Add Competitor button.

A popup search window will appear, where you can add a business in the same way as you did before – either via the business name, website address or by an industry and location search. Once you have found the competitor, click on the Add button to generate a new report. This report will typically take between 30 and 90 seconds and a progress bar will keep you informed along the way.

Reports and allowances

If you have previously analysed a competitor’s website and then want to add it to another business for comparison, Insites will use the existing report that was generated. However, if the competitor does not have an existing report, one will be generated which will be deducted from your allowance. If you have used your allowance already, you will be billed as per your pricing agreement for additional reports.

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