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Changing the settings for an audit
Changing the settings for an audit

How to override, edit and fine-tune details for individual reports

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Giving your customers and prospects the most accurate audits are crucial in building trust with them. Fine-tune the details on your audits by changing the settings for an individual business.

This page explains how to edit and fine-tune details for individual audits. Here are some reasons you might want to do this:

  • Updating the name, address or phone number of the business

  • Changing the products & services the business sells (this affects some of our keyword checks)

  • Overriding parts of the analysis

  • Fixing a problem with the audit - e.g. Insites has tested a page that you don't want to be part of the audit

Accessing the audit settings

After running an audit, click on the cog located underneath your profile picture, or the pencil next to the report's address. This will take you to the advanced report settings.

On the left, you will see a menu of options, including contact information, website, industry sector, social and social listings, and analysis overrides. You can customise this information to suit your website and ensure that the report is as accurate as possible.


Within the website section, you can change the following:

  • Business URL

  • Number of pages to test

  • Whether it is a staging site

  • pages to ignore and test

  • Website language

  • Include subdomains

Industry Sector

Add additional industry sector tags

Social and local listings

If any social or local listings profile links are not linked to the website, be sure to add them here and update the report.

Products and Keywords

Add or revise target keywords for this website

Analysis overrides

Override certain parts of the report if they are not detected accurately.

Spelling, Grammar & other dictionaries

This section allows you to manage your spelling, grammar, inappropriate content and broken link tests.

Here, you can add ignored misspellings. You may want to do this when a word or phrase specific to your business appears multiple times on the website. For example, when running a report on, you would want to ignore the spelling of Insites as it would be flagged as a misspelling, but it is not.

When viewing the detail page of a report, you have the option to ignore a grammar error, just as you would with a misspelling. Once you have ignored all of the grammar errors, you can manage them in this area.

Sometimes it's appropriate for a website to contain swear words or other offensive terms. Any words or phrases added to this list will no longer be highlighted in the report when looking for inappropriate content.

Certain terminology should never appear on a website, such as swear words, competitor brand names, or illegal terms. If you add any of these terms, they will be flagged as inappropriate content for your business.

This section displays any broken links, you have ignored on the detail page of that report

Shareable links

This section displays all of the shareable links generated for this business

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