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Spelling, Grammar & Inappropriate content
Spelling, Grammar & Inappropriate content

A guide to the spelling, grammar and inappropriate content tests

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Ensure the websites you produce are of consistently high quality by using Insites to run audits on the spelling, grammar & inappropriate content of a website.


The spelling test scans the website and looks for any potential spelling errors and flags them on the detail page. It will give you details of which page it appears on, the context, why the platform has flagged it in the first place and the issue. You can click the link of the page it’s located on to view the spelling error.

In certain instances, the platform will flag what it thinks is a spelling error, but it could just be the name of the company or the name of a product. When this happens you can select to ignore this issue, so it no longer flags as a misspelling.


The grammar test scans the website to find any grammatical errors and flags up the errors in the same way as the spelling test with the option to visit the page where the error is located.

Inappropriate content

This test scans the website for any inappropriate words, which can be set by heading to the Inappropriate content section, that can be found by going to Account settings, then Analysis.

This may be used when a website is within an industry that is highly regulated and certain words aren’t appropriate to use, for example.

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