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Adding a custom block of content
Adding a custom block of content

A guide to customising your reports by adding a content block

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Custom blocks of content allow you to inject your own recommendations, sales agent notes or branded elements into the Insites digital marketing audit.

One of the amazing things about content blocks is you can even choose when they should appear based on the outcome of the audit. Here are some examples of content blocks our partners have added:

  • A block recommending the customer buy a SEA product when the audit detects zero spend in Google Ads

  • A block reminding sales agents of takedown points to discuss when a competitor's website is detected

How to add a content block

  1. Open the “Content block” wizard

Go to Account settings → Report → Content blocks → + Add content block

  1. Choose where the block should display

The first part of the wizard guides you through the process of choosing which template you’d like to use and then where your content block should show up. For example, you may wish to add a product recommendation below the headline. To achieve this you would select: Product recommendation → Below headline then you’d select which test your content block should display near.

Untick all contexts if you don’t want to content block visible in all contexts, i.e Inside the app, PDF, Shareable link, present mode.

Then select the product that you want to appear, give it a name, price label, button text and supporting statement.

Choose which rule you’d like to use to trigger the content block.

Lastly give it a name and confirm to save!

The editor provides an easy way to write your own content to be included in the report. Here are some things to bear in mind when adding content blocks:

  • Content can include properties from the report (such as the score). Just click the drop-down label “Insert report property”.

  • If you want to include images, you’ll need to host these on your own server before injecting them into the content block.

  • If you are technically proficient with HTML and CSS, you can click the code edit icon to input your own markup.

  • If you use Prospect in multiple languages, you can choose “Add alternative content for another language” which will give you another editor in which to configure the content for that language. There is no limit to the number of languages you can add content for.

  • You can’t add JavaScript code to a content block as this would represent a security risk.

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