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Scheduling a digital marketing audit
Scheduling a digital marketing audit

Automate the report to run again on a set date or at monthly or quarterly intervals

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Ensure that your client receives a fresh audit regularly by scheduling reports, automatically. You can do this weekly, monthly or even quarterly!

Tip: If a customer is not yet ready to buy, you schedule a digital marketing audit to be generated in a month or two and have the audit sent directly to them.

Creating a schedule

When viewing a report, click on the Schedule button below the website screenshot to the left of the screen, which will bring up a pop-up box.

First, select the date that you want the report to run on then you can select the intervals at which the report runs and set whether you want it to stop automatically after a certain amount of reports. Then choose whether you want the scheduled report to be sent to the client, the owner (whoever ran the report) or both.

If you do decide that you’d like the automated report to go straight out to the client, as a precautionary measure we’ve added the facility to stop the report schedule from going out if the overall score drops below a certain number, you can also do this per each section as well.

If the score does drop below a certain number, the platform will stop the report being sent and notify you, so that you’re in the know and will be able to explain the drop and/or mitigate any complaints that may arise from it.

You can track the status of your scheduled reports by going to the Account settings and selecting the Scheduled reports from the drop-down menu:

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