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White-label PDF link API
White-label PDF link API

Quickly & easily generate white-label PDF audits to share with your customers

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Our PDF API allows you to generate a PDF for any report in your Insites account.

Before you can use this feature, public PDF access must be enabled by your Customer Success Manager, and you will need to be supplied with your unique account ID.

The common use-case for this API is to allow customers to generate a PDF report, or to allow sales agents to download a PDF report from within your CRM.

Unlike our other APIs, PDF generation happens on-demand and does not require any authorisation.

For any report you run, you can generate a unique link that when visited, will generate the PDF in real-time and show it to the visitor. All you need to do is dynamically build the link and show it to your customer.

Due to performance constraints, we do not allow you to request the PDFs server-side and store them.

How to build a PDF link

You can build a PDF link using the following format:


Your Account ID can be provided by your customer success manager and will not change between different reports. The report ID can be fetched using the Report API.

The example link above will generate a link containing a cover page, the summary and detailed reports. You can customise this and pick your own selection of elements from the following:

  • cover

  • summary

  • detail

  • competitors

  • proposal

This link will work on any hostname you use to access your Insites account, such as, or your custom hostname if you have one set up.

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