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Branding & White Labelling

Makes the Insites platform your own

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Insites can be white-labeled and branded according to your requirements. You can head to the White-labelling section and customise it yourself or your CSM can assist in making these customisations to your account.

Basic customisation

Basic customisation options are available to all Insites plans.


This will appear in the PDF and on shared reports. If you are an enterprise user with a custom domain name, the logo will also appear on your login page.

  • Dimensions: 250 x 80 pixels minimum

  • File type: JPEG or PNG


White-label options allow you to brand Insites as an internal tool, with your own name, colour scheme and logo.

Product name

Your choice of product name replaces all instances of Insites.

Brand colour

Your brand colour replaces all elements within the tool that are usually Prospect yellow.

  • This should be a colour in hex code format – e.g. #F7DB4C


A square icon replaces the favicon and appears in the top left of all pages of the product.

  • Dimensions: 300 x 300 pixels minimum

  • File type: JPEG or PNG

  • This image will also be used as the site Favicon

Disable help & chat

If you manage support internally, our help links and support chat can be disabled.

Custom outbound email address

Ordinarily, emails from Insites (such as shared reports, and password reset requests) are sent from This option allows you to have these emails sent from your own, customized email address (e.g.

Custom domain name

You can use your own domain name for the product (e.g. This also allows you to customize the login page with your own background.

Login page background

The login page can be customized with your choice of background image.

  • Dimensions: 1600 x 900 pixels minimum

  • File type: JPEG or PNG

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