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White-labelling Insites audit PDFs
White-labelling Insites audit PDFs

How to tailor your PDF reports to best suit your business needs

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Create your own look and feel and tailor the audits you share to reflect your brand and business with white labelling and customisation.

Only account owners have permission to customise the PDFs that get exported from Insites.

Accessing the PDF white-label options

  • Head to your profile picture and hit account settings

  • Click on the Report option along the top

  • Then click PDF Customisation, which you’ll find at the bottom of the list of options to the left

Customising the PDF audit exports

Firstly, select whether you want your PDF to have a cover page, if you do then underneath you’ll want to select the cover page’s background. You have 5 different pre-designed options, or alternatively, you can upload a custom background that you’ve designed yourself to go the extra mile with your white-labelling.

If you do select a pre-designed cover page then you have the option to hide the laptop image, which will contain the screenshot of the website that was audited.

You also have the choice to

  • Hide the inner cover page

  • Invert the header layout to switch the sides where the business name and logo elements are placed

  • Change the headings accent colour

  • Reduce the colour usage, so printing doesn’t use up as much ink

  • And upload a custom PDF page to include any additional information, such as a page of terms and conditions or an advert you would like appending to the PDF

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