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Creating manual checkpoints in the audit
Creating manual checkpoints in the audit

A guide on how to create custom checkpoints

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Introducing the game-changer: custom checkpoints! This feature allows you to add manual checks to the overview that your agents can complete when auditing a business.

Take a peek at the screenshot below for a glimpse of how custom checkpoints can elevate your reports. In example 1, you’ll see a custom checkpoint with a “No” selection, while example 2 showcases how a custom checkpoint appears before a yes/no decision.

Does it affect the overall score?

No – the custom checks have no bearing on the overall score because they have no weighting.

How do you get a result for the custom checkpoint?

Once you’ve run the report, you’ll need to select the result for the test by clicking yes or no depending on what appears on the website you’ve audited. They’ll only show in the report shared with customers, once they’ve been answered.

How do I enable this feature?

  • Click on your profile picture

  • Head to account settings

  • Click on the Analysis section

  • Select Overview editor

How do I create a custom checkpoint?

On all of the sections on the overview, you have the option to ‘Add custom checkpoint’, select that option, on whichever section you like and then fill in the name of the checkpoint and invert the colours of the yes and no options accordingly as seen below.

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