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Filter & export businesses you've audited before
Filter & export businesses you've audited before

A guide on how to filter down the businesses you've tested in the past, and export them into a CSV

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Over time the reports in your account will accumulate and it won’t always be so easy to find the reports you need just by scrolling through, so you can use the filter on the All reports page to narrow it down easily. This is ideal for exporting reports to use for marketing purposes and running marketing campaigns.

When on the All reports page, you’ll see some filters located on the left. Select any of those filters, and then use the bottom filter drop down to select the value you want to filter the reports. For example, if you’ve chosen the Website Traffic - Total Visits test, then you’ll select:

  • Equals

  • Doesn’t equal

  • Below

  • Above

And then type in the value you want. You'll only see the reports containing the selected values and from there, you can click the export list with filters button. On the next page you can choose whether you want to add shareable links to the spreadsheet and what elements you’d like them to include. Once you’ve made your selections then click Download these reports.

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