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Proving your value to clients
Proving your value to clients

Demonstrate your progress to prove value after build or during a retention call

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Demonstrate the progress your customer has made with their digital presence since becoming a client, by showing them the progress tab in the reoprt. This is great for building trust with your customers as you can give them physical proof of the improvements you’re making with their digital presence.

Many of our clients use the progress report to prove the value they've delivered a few months after go-live. This has been shown to improve customer satisfaction ratings. The progress report can also be useful when a customer requests to cancel and has been shown to improve retention rates.

Alternatively, this is a great way to start a conversation with a prospect. For example, if you ran a report for them and indicated some issues with their website a year ago and the time comes to follow up with them again and their score has gone down, it’s a great way to get a foot in the door and start that conversation with the prospect on how you can help them improve their digital presence.

To access this feature, you’ll need to have some historic reports run for that particular website. Head onto the Progress tab when you’re viewing a report and then select a historic report for the starting point on the left, then do the same for the right side.

This gives you a side-by-side comparison of the differences between when the report was first run to the current report.

You can also select to only show the changes between the two reports as well.

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