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Measuring production team performance
Measuring production team performance

Find out how long it takes each agent to build a site, and which areas they consistently struggle with

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The activity reports section is essential for understanding how your production team is utilising Insites. It also provides valuable key performance indicators. Administrators can access activity reports by clicking on the profile silhouette and selecting Activity reports from the drop-down menu.

You can find the reporting section under Production team performance.

Production Team Performance Dashboard

This dashboard displays:

  • A list of users in the production team

  • The number of audits each user has conducted

  • The average number of audits per business

  • The total number of completed checklist tasks

  • The average checklist completion rate

  • The number of checklists started and completed

  • The users' highest improvement in a short amount of time between audits

  • The most common issue experienced during the audit process


You can use several filters to narrow down the results you see. These filters include date, team, user, and section of the report.

Production team performance export

You can use this section to export the report usage into a spreadsheet

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