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Showcasing your best work
Showcasing your best work

Use your best work to close new sales - add portfolio pieces to Insites digital audits

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Boost your chances of closing deals with prospective clients by incorporating social proof into your reports. Set yourself apart from the competition by showcasing your top-performing work in the designated tab. This will leave a lasting impression on your clients and help you secure more successful outcomes.

Enabling showcase

Only account administrators can enable & disable the showcase feature, and add examples of your work.

To use the showcase tab you’ll need to ensure it’s enabled in your account settings. To enable

  • Head to your profile picture and hit account settings

  • Head to Collateral and toggle on the option for Showcase

Adding examples to the showcase

Once it’s enabled then click on the Showcase Examples option on the left. To choose which websites to include in your showcase examples, click Add item and select the website to include from the list of sites you’ve already audited. There’s a filtering and search option to make finding sites easier too.

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