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Top tips for new sales agents
Top tips for new sales agents

A quick guide on how to set up basic details and get familiar with the platform

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Get the most out of your Insites account with our top tips!

Complete user profile

First, you’ll want to make sure that your user profile is complete. Click on the profile silhouette in the top right corner, then click My profile and fill in your:

  • Name

  • Job title

  • Public email

  • Public phone

  • Mobile phone

  • Profile photo

Book a meeting link

Set yourself up for success by including your calendar link in your share report emails, for your prospects to book a meeting directly in your diary.

Whilst in the My profile section, click on the book a meeting link option and paste in your meeting link. Type in a call to action hook, and button text and then hit save!

Onboarding tasks

Once you’ve finished filling in your information then you can start your in-app onboarding with our onboarding guide.

Click on your company logo on the top left corner of the screen and you’ll arrive on the main dashboard page. Here you’ll see the onboarding cards, to help guide you through running audits, understanding the audits, sharing the audits and more! All of the onboarding cards include video guides to walk you through each step.

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