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Manual checks for sales teams
Manual checks for sales teams

A guide on how to create a checklist for your sales team to complete

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Are you frustrated that sales agents are signing up clients that don't meet your criteria? Are they handing deals over to your production & onboarding teams with information missing?

Manual checklists allow you to define a set of manual actions your agents must complete.

Many Insites clients use manual checklists to ensure the sales team collect required data from the customer as part of a sales process, or to ensure they aren't selling to illegible customers (e.g. selling Google Ads to customers in banned categories).

First of all you'll need admin access to the account. Simply head to your profile picture on the top right in the platform and head to account settings. Next hit manual checks and ensure that the 'Enable sales checklists option' is turned on.

How to add new checklists

Hit manual checklists and click 'Add checklist'. Enter a checklist name and type in the first task/question. You can then add a description to the task/question if there is more information required off the back of it. Continue adding tasks/questions until you've added them all and then hit save.

Once a report has been run, the sales checklists can be found on the checklists tab. Ready to be ticked off.

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