Test a staging website

A guide on how to run a staging report during the production process

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To ensure consistently high quality in your production team, Insites makes it easy to run reports on your staging sites before putting them live.

Insites needs to be configured to recognise your staging website URLs (e.g. mywebplatform.com/website-1234). Talk to your Customer Success Manager who can set this up for you.

To do this, simply paste in your staging URL into the normal business search bar on your Insites dashboard!

The platform will automatically pick up that it’s a staging site and will ask whether there is an existing website for this staging site - if there is, then pop the URL in and click start test.

If there isn’t an existing site then hit This website doesn’t have a live site and fill in the site details including the NAP details and keywords and then click start.

Insites automatically combines on-site factors from the staging site, with the off-site factors from the live site. As a result, Insites is the only digital marketing audit platform that can give you a realistic picture of how the website might perform once it's live.

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