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Pay-As-You-Go lead generation

Start generating leads using our self serve widget for all partners

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Our self-serve lead generation widget is available on Pay-As-You-Go plans. If you're an Enterprise partner, check out our bespoke lead generation.

Start generating leads quickly and easily with our self-serve lead generation feature. Simply configure your white-labelling and drop our code into your landing page. Your customers will be able to submit their details and in return receive a digital marketing audit via email. You'll get an instant notification via email so that you can call them back and close the deal.

Setting up Pay-As-You-Go lead generation

In order to set up lead generation, you must have admin access.

Lead generation settings and dashboards can be found under your profile picture in the top right.

Add your first lead gen widget

Pay-as-you-go customers can add up to 3 lead generation widgets with different messaging and settings. This can be used to set up different journeys for different campaigns.

Changing widget settings

Once you’ve created your widget you can customise it extensively using the available settings.

Don’t forget to set your sales inbox so you get notified by email when new leads come in.

Before you go live, preview your widget and make sure it looks how you want it to.

Embed the code on your landing page

Grab the code and drop it onto your site where you want it to appear.

Understand how it’s performing

Once live, you can get stats about the success of your lead gen widget by hitting the chart button.

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