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Introduction to lead generation
Introduction to lead generation

Insites makes it easy to collect a stream of qualified leads via embedding a digital audit into your website

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Generate a stream of qualified leads by embedding a digital audit into your website. Insites makes it easy for you to achieve this with our lead gen widgets.

Your clients will be motivated to leave their details by the offer of a free digital marketing audit on their existing business, which can be performed and delivered in real time.

Insites offers two lead generation solutions, depending on the type of account you hold with us. Find out which is right for your use-case below.

Pay-As-You-Go lead generation

Pay-As-You-Go lead generation is available on our Pay-As-You-Go plan.

Our Pay-As-You-Go lead generation is a simple and quick way to start generating leads. Simply configure your white-labelling and drop our code into your landing page. Your customers will be able to submit their details and in return recieve a digital marketing audit via email. You'll get an instant notification via email so that you can call them back and close the deal.

Bespoke lead generation

Bespoke lead generation is available to our Enterprise partners. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to find out more.

Bespoke lead generation is available to our enterprise clients only. We'll lead you through a consultation to understand your requirements before building out a fully white-labelled customer journey to your exact requirements. Here are some of the key benefits of our bespoke lead generation audit:

  • Instant digital marketing audit delivered to your customer, while they wait

  • Consultation with our experts to understand your requirements and access our know-how about which options convert the best

  • Fully branded and white-labelled journey, designed by our in-house designer according to your brand guidelines

  • Choose to obscure parts of the audit to incentivise the customer to contact you

  • Google Maps powered lookup, to save your customer time and increase data accuracy

  • Bespoke integration to your CRM / sales pipeline

  • Add your own tracking & marketing attribution scripts

  • Add your own data collection / chat scripts

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