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Salesforce integration

Documentation explaining how our Salesforce integration works

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For organisations using Salesforce as their CRM, Insites provides digital marketing intelligence and a suite of sales enablement tools to your sales agents.

Our Salesforce integration provides the following benefits:

  • Agents can trigger reports from within a Lead or Account on Salesforce, saving them time and ensuring that all data transferred to Insites exactly matches what's in your CRM

  • Once a report has been generated for a Lead or Account, agents can view the high-level overview from within Salesforce using a Visual Force component

  • If an agent interacts with the audit (e.g. to see more details, or to share it with a client) our platform opens in a new tab and the agent is automatically logged in using their Salesforce credentials

  • Over 200 data points relating to the digital presence of each business are "pushed" as custom fields onto the Lead / Account, for the purpose of your own data analysis and segmentation

  • An administration dashboard allows administrators to synchronise Salesforce users across to the Insites platform

  • Permission sets can be used to control access to who can use the Insites integration

Our Salesforce integration is compatible with both Lightning and Classic, and works on a mobile device using the Salesforce app.

How to activate the Salesforce integration

Before you begin, you must:

  • Have an Enterprise licence of Insites with the Salesforce CRM optional add-on

Activation of the Salesforce integration is a guided service. Our specialists will work with you to ensure the Integration is configured correctly across your Salesforce organisations. Please talk to your Customer Success Manager to find out more.

NAICs mapping

We now support NAICS mapping from Salesforce when running an Insites audit. This means any Salesforce record which contains an NAICS code will have the relevant industry populated on the Insites audit.

To set this up just find the FIELD NAME in Salesforce which stores the code, and send it to your Customer Success Manager. This will then be stored against your Insites account.

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