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Crankwheel integration
Crankwheel integration

Documentation explaining how our Crankwheel integration works

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Demoing your reports is essential to sales success and our Crankwheel integration makes delivering demos to clients a breeze. It's currently comprised of two components:

  • Sales agents: Enhancements for telesales agents using the platform, making it easier for them to share their screen with a prospect

  • Lead generation: Allowing prospective customers who have self-served an audit to request a live demo and get instantly connected to an available agent

For sales agents

Enable the Crankwheel integration for Sales agents and get the following benefits:

  • When sharing a report using Crankwheel, the view is automatically optimised for screen sharing

  • A button to launch Crankwheel from within the Insites interface

  • Optionally, you can add a Crankwheel instant demo button to all shared reports so that the prospect can instantly talk to a sales agent

How to activate the Crankwheel integration

Before you begin, you must:

  • Be logged in with administrator access or higher

  • Have an Enterprise licence of Insites

  1. Navigate to your account settings

  2. Go to "API & integrations"

  3. Choose "Screen share integrations" from the left menu

  4. Activate the feature(s) you want to enable

    1. Note that your Crankwheel live demo ID can be obtained from your Crankwheel account dashboard

For lead generation

Add the Crankwheel widget to your lead generation reports to allow hot leads to request to be connected instantly to a sales agent. Once connected, the sales agent can take over the visitor's browser window and start a screen share to present the audit and other materials you have.

How to activate Crankwheel for lead generation

Before you begin, you must:

  • Have an Enterprise licence of Insites

  • Have set up our lead generation audit

This feature can be activated as part of your enterprise onboarding. Please talk to your Customer Success Manager to find out more.

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