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Hubspot integration

Documentation explaining how our Hubspot integration works

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For organisations using Hubspot as their CRM, Insites provides digital marketing intelligence and a suite of sales enablement tools to your sales agents.

Our Hubspot integration provides the following benefits:

  • Agents can trigger digital marketing audits on target businesses from within a Business or Contact on Hubspot. This saves them time and ensures that all data transferred to Insites exactly matches what's in your CRM.

  • Once a report has been generated for a Business, agents can view the high-level overview from within Hubspot using a plugin in the side bar.

  • If an agent interacts with the audit (e.g. to see more details, or to share it with a client) our platform opens in a new tab and the agent is automatically logged in using their Hubspot credentials (single sign on).

  • Over 200 data points relating to the digital presence of each business are "pushed" as custom fields onto the Business, for the purpose of your own data analysis and segmentation.

  • An administration dashboard allows administrators to synchronise Hubspot users across to the Insites platform

How to activate the Hubspot integration

Before you begin, you must:

  • Have an Enterprise licence of Insites with the Hubspot CRM optional add-on


To be able to connect to HubSpot the integration must first be enabled in your account by your Insites account manager.


  1. Go to the integrations section of your account settings.

  2. Click on the connect button next to the HubSpot integration listing, this should be visible once the integration is enabled by your account manager.

  3. You will be redirected to your HubSpot account. In here you will be prompted to grant permissions to Insites.

4. When you have granted permissions you will be redirected back to Insites. Next to the HubSpot integration you will now see a button to disconnect and a button to connect users.

5. Click the connect users button to allow HubSpot users to use the integration.

6. Click the button to import HubSpot users, this will open a new window which will list all available HubSpot users.

7. Select the users you wish to import. Any existing users in Insites will have their profile updated to include the integration.

8. When a user is successfully connected, the HubSpot icon will be displayed next to their username in the users list.


When the integration is successful, each connected user will have the Insites section visible in the sidebar of a company page. The position of this section in the sidebar can be moved higher by dragging and dropping. This section allows you to analyse the company, or view the results of the previous analysis.

When a company is analysed within HubSpot a new event will be added to the activity timeline.

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