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Uberall integration
Uberall integration

Documentation explaining how our Uberall integration works

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Uberall clients can integrate the Uberall presence scan directly into Insites. This offers a number of key benefits:

  • Backed by Uberall, Insites can check a much broader selection of local directories in your market

  • Your reps now need only one sales tool for your entire product suite, and can have a joined up conversation about your entire product set

  • Insites’ analysis is aligned with your listing management product - there's no chance of a disagreement between different reporting tools

How to activate the Uberall integration

Before you begin, you must:

  • Have an Enterprise licence of Insites

  • Have obtained your private API key from Uberall

  • Have requested the Uberall integration to be activated by your Insites Customer Success Manager

  1. Navigate to your account settings

  2. Go to Analysis → Enabled tests

  3. Scroll down to find "Local presence (uberall)"

  4. Activate the test by flipping the switch Note: having more than one local presence check enabled can cause unexpected results. You should ensure all other local presence checks are disabled.

  5. Hit the cog to expand the settings dialog for this test

  6. Enter your private API key and hit "Test key and sync product plan"

  7. If you wish to white-label the scan (i.e. remove the name Uberall from the results) you should fill in the "Search name" and "Product name" fields

  8. Optional: Scroll down and enable "Uberall Voice Search Readiness (VSR)" if you wish to report on whether a business can be easily found in Voice searches

  9. Scroll down and hit save

  10. Navigate to "Overview editor"

  11. Choose which category you'd like the Uberall results to appear in (or create a new one) and hit "Add new checkpoint"

  12. Choose the checkpoint(s) you want to show, and repeat these steps as necessary until your overview is correctly configured

  13. Hit save

Note that after changing the configuration of the audit, you must run a fresh report to see updated results.

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