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How can I cancel my Insites account?
How can I cancel my Insites account?

A guide on closing your account

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Closing your account

We really hope that you don’t need to close your account, but should that day come then it is a straightforward process. Before closing your account, we’d really love the opportunity to understand your reasons, especially if there is something we can help with. Therefore, if you’d like to contact us and discuss further, please do! You can reach us by contacting your dedicated account manager or email us at

The process for closing your account varies depending on your payment method and whether you signed up online. Further details are outlined below.

Signed up online / pay via credit or debit card

This is usually for customers on PayGo plans only

  1. Log in to your Insites account

  2. Click on your profile icon next to the All Reports button

  3. Select Account settings

  4. When the account settings dashboard appears, select the Billing tab

  5. On the left-hand menu, select Subscription

  6. Click on the red Cancel subscription button.

Your subscription will then expire when it reaches the end of the billing cycle. This is shown under the subscription section, under Valid until. You can continue using Insites until that date, but please be aware that you may still be charged for any additional reports outside of your allowance.

Enterprise users / pay via invoice

It is not possible to close your account online as we will need to make changes to your billing arrangements on our invoicing system. To close your account, the fastest method is to contact your Digital Account Manager. Alternatively, please contact

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