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Can I add a PO number to my invoice?
Can I add a PO number to my invoice?

A guide on how to download invoice and update your purchase order number

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You can easily download your invoices directly from the platform with your Insites login details.

If you wish to update your billing method, please contact your Customer Success Manager who will be happy to help. Alternatively, please email

To download your invoice

Log in to your Insites account

  • Click on the profile picture next to the All Reports button

  • Select Account settings

  • Across the top menu, select Billing - here you will find your invoices displayed

  • Simply click on the Download button under the required invoice

To update your Purchase order number

Follow the steps as above but then select Billing details from the left-hand tab Here you can enter your Purchase order number We will add this number to the invoices you download through our dashboard.

Note that invoices you receive via email from Stripe, our billing partner, will not contain this PO number. You must manually download invoices from the subscription page if you require a purchase order number to appear on the invoice.

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