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Save time with the Insites Chrome Extension
Save time with the Insites Chrome Extension

Install the Insites Chrome extension

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Save time when prospecting with the Insite Chrome extension. We've created a Chrome Extension which allows you to instantly audit a website, and quickly see whether a website has been previously audited in your account.

Installing the Chrome Extension

To install the Insites Chrome extension:

  1. Go to the ‘My profile’ option, by selecting it from the menu that appears when selecting your profile icon

  2. Click on ‘Install Chrome extension’ which will take you to the Chrome store

  3. Hit ‘Add to Chrome’ to Install

  4. Once installed, you’ll want to pin it to your browser window and ensure you’re logged in to your Insites account to start using it.

Using the Chrome Extension

Head onto a prospect's website and click the Insites Chrome Extension logo, if the logo is highlighted then the website you’re visiting has not yet been audited and will display a message as below.

If the website has already been audited, the logo will turn grey and will display a pop-up box with the last score attained, the date it was last audited and the option to update or view the report straight from the platform

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